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Company Profile


Craig Timber Products was purchased by the current management in March 1989 as a very small going concern. Immediate steps were taken to achieve our vision ‘to be recognized as the best and most reliable timber, pallet and box supplier in the industry’. The business has gone from strength to strength due to our ethical business practices.

Mission Statement

"To give our pallet/timber and box customers quality and service they can absolutely depend on”

Vision Statement

"We aim to be recognized as the best and most reliable timber, box and pallet supplier in the industry. It is our clear objective to be our customers’ preferred supplier by constantly delighting them with our products and our services."

"Customer perception is reality"

Craig Timber Products has had a Quality System in place since 1995. The system was formally recognized in 1996, on satisfactory completion of the Australian Quality Council’s ‘Business Growth through Quality’ programme. In 1998, our system was audited by an external auditor, followed up with annual surveillance audits. Each was passed with no non-conformances. We have been maintaining our Quality System ‘in-house’ since 2001. We have been audited by several of our larger customers over the years, again with no non-conformances.

"We never let our customers down"


We comply with all relevant licensing and regulatory requirements.Prices are calculated to be fair to our customers, and at the same time enabling us to make a profit.

Our prices are set in such a way as to enable us to ensure continuity of supply to our customers, whilst giving the very best possible service, in line with our Quality System.

"Best quality, on time, every time"


Staff in all divisions have a commitment to maintaining a safe and clean working environment. We are proud of our safety record. Key personnel are highly trained and have many years’ experience in the timber industry.

What we give to our customers

  • Personal Service
  • Prompt Delivery
  • Quality Products
  • Prompt Invoicing

We are located in large modern premises and are equipped with the latest machinery.

Client base growth has been achieved through referral from existing clients and commitment to quality product and prompt service.

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